Results of our Work for Ayurveda in Europe

  • Developed European membership from 12 countries fully committed to our objectives with regular meetings.
  • Participated at major international events such as the World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) 2008 in Jaipur, India; Ayurveda – A new way for healthy life in Europe – Conference in Slovenia 2009, AYUSH International Forum in Delhi 2009
  • Organised the ‘Workshop on THMPD and its impact on Ayurveda in Europe’ in Budapest 2010 with AYUSH.
  • The outcomes included creating a framework to challenge existing medicines legislation and to start the registration process
    Held ‘Celebration of Ayurveda’ Multitrack Annual Educational Event for Ayurvedic Professionals in Castrop Rauxel and Hamburg and more recently in Munich (February 2011)
  • Recruited Senior Directors of Medicines Regulation and Education & Research to EUAA Board
  • EWAC 2009 – European World Ayurveda Congress in Baden-Baden promoting Ayurveda to the public. The event which was the largest solely Ayurvedic in Europe attracted 1200 guests from 20 countries, 60 exhibition stalls, 60 speakers from 15 countries from around the world. Guest speakers included Dr Vasant Lad, Sri Balaji Tambe, Vinod Verma and many others
  • International meeting Baden-Baden: 50 representatives of Ayurvedic businesses and institutions from 11 countries. This was the largest and most complete gathering of Ayurvedic organizations ever to have taken place outside India the focus of the meeting was:
    • The Future of Ayurveda in  Europe – Integration into NHS &
    • Extension of THMPD – A cohesive, coordinated action plan.
  • Advisers to AYUSH on EU Medicines Legislation
  • Joined and affiliated with major representative organisations in CAM – ANME, EFCAM, EPHA, Benefyt
  • Lobbying of EU Government on CAM and Medicines legislation
    Members of the CAMbrella Advisory Group which will produce guidance documents for the way forward for CAM in Europe