Second Ayurveda Day at the European Parliament 2020

Several members of the EUAA were present at the second Ayurveda day at European Union Parliament on February 10th, 2020.

Amarjeet S. Bhamra, the driving force of All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) – Indian Traditional Sciences welcomed the support of Geoffrey Van Orden CBE MEP and Her Excellency the Ambassador of India to the Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union Ms Gaitri Issar Kumar in the European Parliament at Brussels. Together with Dr. Thangavelu, General secretary of the EUAA, Amarjeet S Bhamra handed a statement of intent between the EU and India to all chief guests.

Our member Yannick Pots from Belgium spoke on the benefits and necessity of incorporating Ayurveda into the national health systems of Europe.

The passionate illustration of the undisputed outstanding effectiveness of Ayurveda by President of the EUAA, Dr. Peter Kath, was very positively received. The full text of the speech “Ancient Findings and modern Rules” can be found here.