EUAA at 14th. NAMA Conference in Texas / Dallas

Dr. med. Harsha Gramminger at the NAMA Conference 2018 in Dallas, Texas

Dr. med. Harsha Gramminger at the NAMA Conference 2018 in Dallas, Texas

Our Vice-President Dr. med. Harsha Gramminger has been invitied as keynote speaker to the 14th. NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) Conference at Dallas, taking place from 20th to 22nd of April 2018. “Ayurveda for a healthy world” was this years nominated medical topic.

800 delegates followed the invitation of NAMA which has been sponsored and supported by AYUSH Ministry of the indian government. Dr. Manoj Nessari has been welcomed as representative of AYUSH. In addition to the conference, an ayurvedic market place of 50 exhibitors offered medical products or other services around the world of Ayurveda.

Multiple panel presentations showed a great exposure of clinical approaches to some of the most common disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, hypertension OB/GYN as well as ayurvedic yoga therapy approaches to healing the emotional body. Panel presenters have been Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, AD, Professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Rammohan Rao, PhD in Neuroscience has worked as a research associate Professor at Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, CA, Shekar Annabmbhotla, BAMS, MD (Ayu), and Robert Svoboda was holding the keynote speech during the Banquet Dinner.

Dr. med. Harsha Gramminger was invited to give a 90 minutes lecture on “Health and Cost Benefits from integrating new age Ayurveda into the health systems of Europe and of the U.S.A.“. After her lecture, in various panel discussions, she presented her experience, her views and her vision of how to globalize Ayurveda.

In the post conference the day after, Dr. med. Harsha Gramminger discussed with other international speakers and experts how to build up a global community dedicated to empowering individuals, communities and humanity to enhance health, well-being and self-awareness with the support of Ayurveda.