Conference: Why Soil matters? A European perspective

2015-11-18-conference-why-soil-mattersThe 68th UN General Assembly declared 2015 the International Year of Soils (IYS) to raise awareness about soils and its links to plant and animal life, food and the ecosystem. Soils and health of the soils impacts the quality of food and herbs used in Ayurveda.

The event “Why Soil matters? A European perspective” in the European Parliament was to commemorate soils and the worldwide celebrations related to the International Year of Soils. Dr. Madan Thangavelu represented the EUAA at this event at 18 November 2015. The conference details including presentations are now available at the conference website. This public conference was organised by the Greens/EFA. The act about earthworms – the guardians of the soil – by Barbara Geiger, Stiftung Fräulein Brehms Tierleben (Berlin) was unique, comendably original and informative!

Soil, Soul, Society, a trinity of all time, a trinity of our time and a trinity for sustainability in all aspects of Life. We are made from soil – but we are we are recklessly oblivious of this fact. Understanding the connection between soil, soul and society and such matters have troubled mankind always and these links have also been deeply revered. Contemporary minds like Satish Kumar offer the rationale for this need and  insights and guidance on how appreciate this trinity … and how to drop ego in favour of eco!