Executives & Committee

Dr. Peter Kath

Dr. Peter Kath, inwardly a musician, by profession lawyer, is engaged for more than 20 years as a disciple of Dr. Shri Balaji També with meditation, yoga and Ayurveda. He is a member and consultant of the executive board of the registered association Santulan-Veda. Findings from his work are reflected in e.g. his lectures on “Project-management beyond feasibility” and “Conflict-management”. He lives in Frankfurt a.M. and is taking much pleasure with his wife and three sons.

Stina Andersson
General Secretary

Stina Andersson is a Land surveying engineer, (BSc), at the National Land Syurvey of Sweden. She used to work as a manager, prior to discovering Ayurveda. She has experience as a board member for Swedish Engineers and been a staff representative at the National Land Survey board. Change management and strength-based leadership, has been her contribution, national and international. She began studying Ayurveda in 2017, in Sweden, and later at the American Institute of Vedic Studies, followed by clinical training in Pune, India. In Sweden, she gives lectures and has her own practice as an ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. She is also the founder of “Ayurveda Sweden”, a platform for ayurvedic practitioners in Sweden. Her passion is about making Ayurveda easily accessible to people in the northern latitudes.

Barbara Speer

Barbara Speer is a trained Yogateacher. Since about 1995 she is managing a fashion label very successfully. Her know-how as entrepreneur and her affinity towards Ayurveda make her very valuable for her appointment as treasurer, which is holding since October 2010.

Dr. Mathias Schmidt
Board Member (Medicines Regulation)

Dr. Mathias Schmidt is Managing Director of Herbresearch.

Dr. Harsha Gramminger
Member of the Board

Dr Harsha Gramminger is a speaker, author, expert for vital leadership, entrepreneur, medical doctor and specialist of Ayurvedic medicine. In 2007-2019 she served as the first president of the EUAA (European Ayurveda Association e.V.) She has dedicated a large part of her life to the spread and acceptance of integrative medicine with the aim of acknowledging the holistic approach to health in Europe. Dr Gramminger has a degree in production technology/industrial engineering at Cologne University of Applied Sciences and practical experience in various departments in larger mechanical engineering companies. She has also studied Economics at the University of Augsburg and Frankfurt, as well as human medicine with a doctoral thesis in surgery in Hamburg.